Add User data from Joomla

You can import actual logged-in user data from your Joomla to your form configuring 'Value' field on your input Text or Hidden.
Type '#External:' followed by the data from user you want to get. Here is a list of data available with the value to use:

  • Id: #External:id
  • Name: #External:name
  • User Name: #External:username
  • Email: #External:email
  • Groups (separated by espaces): #External:groups
Note that you'd need to install this Joomla component and publish the module with the calculator id following the instructions in Joomla Backend => Components => XLSJuice.

An example of Joomla email.

With this example settings you'll get at your form one text input filled by default with the actual joomla user email.

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