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1Upload your xlsx file
Upload your xlsx file
2Configure your form
Configure your form
3Add plugins if needed
Add plugins if needed
Working webpage!
Working webpage!
System Benefits
Ease of use

We have put a great effort to build the tool in a way it's easy to use. We want you to build the online form within a few minutes, following a simple workflow.

Once you are familiar with the system, you will be finding all advanced options that you can include so you'll be building your form in the same way as if you had a pro developer on your side turning your instructions to working code.

Anyway,if you at any point need any tip to bring you back on the right direction, we are at the other side of your helpdesk, ready to help.

No Extra costs

You don't need to hire any additional server, user license/s, get excel software or even have a windows machine. You can create your excel using free software, XLSJuice will do the rest.

So simple. Being an online tool, you can manage your forms from anywhere, anytime.


We are pretty sure the system will cover a huge percentage of our user calculators with its default options. But we also now each calculator has its own specific requirements,so we've also included many add-ons that you can use in order to equip your form with impressive functions that are not available at the excel itself.

You can include custom validations for your data, send an email, create a pdf and send it attached, connect to webservices, integrate in many ways with external systems (mailchimp, vTiger, your CMS database..., etc, etc,)..there are always more plugins in the owen!.

Fully Responsive

Responsive design. Of course. And also an extra option if you want to spread your brand worldwide at an incredible price: we offer packaging your calculator as an app for Android or IOS and publish it at Google Play/Apple Store


You'll like to know how are your visitors using your calculator. You have a complete report tool at your dashboard that will give you full information about the executions, results given to customers, actions taken...(they finally downloaded the pdf after calculation?, from where?).

You can configure an automatic excel report to be sent to your email if you prefer to receive the tracking directly at your inbox.

Growing with you

We have developed the system in a way it allows us to customize and freely extend each of your calculators if you need to.

We love to build complex forms with a few mouse clicks, but you can also challenge our devs to create any new plugin for your form, we look forward to hear your ideas!

Pricing tables

Our prices:



(Trial period:15 days)
  • Basic Support
  • All functions included


Annual fee


* Monthly fee:


  • 30 Calculator / Form
  • 25000 Request / Month
  • last 50000 advanced stat records
  • 8h. Max Support Response Time
  • Plugins (Optional)
    + 4 € /month
    + 3 € /month
    Data Saving
    + 5 € /month
    Form Actions
    + 2 € /month
    + 10 € /month
    + 3 € /month
    + 5 € /month
    + 5 € /month
    Users & Profiles
    + 5 € /month
    View plugin details
* VAT Excluded (where applicable)

Up & Running

30% discount

applied to your Professional plan!

You will be able to move to this plan once you have completed your configuration, so you don`t longer need the free configuration service or placing questions at the support ticket system.

Support will be restricted to server maintenance only.

This plan is restricted exclusively for users having the Professional plan more than one year active and who have not used the support system for the last four months.

You can go back to the Professional plan at any time in case you need it, and move again to the Up & Running plan once you meet the conditions.

Main features included
  • All Excel functions
  • Unlimited Installations / domains
  • Ready to embed anywhere
  • Direct URL
  • Private calculators
  • Responsive layout
  • Ready-Made Calculators Catalog
  • Remove Message/Backlink
  • Downloadable Stats
  • Option to build a mobile app (q)
  • Automatic email reports
  • Charts
  • Tabs
  • Custom Functions (q)
(q) Please contact for quote
Input field types
  • Text
    Option list
    Radio Button
    Multiple Select
    Date picker
  • Slider / Range slider
    Dependent option lists
    Image Selector
    File upload
    Color picker
    Google Address


The tool comes with a 12 days refund period. If you think the product doesn't fit your needs we'll cancel your subscription and send your money back without further questions.

Current Promotions
  • When you create any paid plan suscription account you can get a 5% discount if you can name any active user of the system (with any active paid plan as well older than 1 month).
  • Your discount will apply as long as your referenced user keeps his subscription active.
  • The referenced user will also get a 5% discount as long as you keep your subscription active (more than 1 month).
  • The accumulated discounts for all users will be shown at the dashboard panel and will be applied to all future renewals/payments.
  • Any number of users can refer YOU, so you can even get the service FOR FREE if you reach enough references to cover your subscription price.
Free configuration
Free configuration
  • We build your calculator for free.
  • Send your excel attached to with subject FREECONFIG. We'll send you back a link for you to directly see your calculator online.
  • It's so easy and straightforward you will be trying your calculator almost immediately.
  • Once you've seen the final result, you can get any license (excluded trial plan) and publish your calculator at your own site and/or share the direct page link.

A few examples of what you can do with this tool

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator

Simple calculator with image result
Product Profit calculator

Product Profit calculator

including charts output
Control Panel: Form Editor

Control Panel: Form Editor

You only need to select your input cells
Expenses calculator

Expenses calculator

quarterly income and expenses with chart
Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage Calculator

fixed rate mortgage payments
Control Panel: Stats view

Control Panel: Stats view

Checking your calculator usage
Control Panel: inputs & results

Control Panel: inputs & results

Actions and results obtained by your customers
Moving calculator

Moving calculator

Instant quote for moving company
Control Panel: Managing calculators

Control Panel: Managing calculators

Complete manager & import from template catalog
Project background

There is a huge number of great spreadsheet tools that need to be converted to web pages.

Project background

We've been many years developing from scratch hundreds of online calculators for a huge set of different websites (Yes! We are the 'Calculator guys' from Moonsoft, proud developers of the popular Joomla Calcbuilder and Magento XlsPrice extensions among others) . An online calculator is a very powerful tool that will make your web visitors come back. Online quotes generate a great amount of business oportunities that usually become in real orders.

We realised almost all projects we received for development, were already working excel spreadsheets that required to be converted to code (html/js/php/java...etc) for each online website, each one with different structure and/or CMS(Joomla, Wordpress, Magento, Drupal..etc).

You have a working spreadsheet, so you upload the file, and the online page (and/or widget to be included inside any of your pages) is automatically generated.

All your data and calculations will be server-processed, so all your formulas, data, etc will be hidden from your users.

No coding needed, and if data changes (prices, formulas, etc), uploading the new spreadsheet will automatically republish the contents (live from that same instant).

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